1. a person who does, makes, or practices (the thing specified): words so formed correspond to verbs ending in -ize or nouns ending in -ism: moralist, satirist
  2. a person skilled in or occupied with; an expert in: druggist, violinist
  3. an adherent of or believer in: anarchist
  4. a person having or displaying prejudice related to: ageist



So I found some direct inspiration, —  Chris Hardwick   (I think he is “cousins”?–maybe for real with Joel Mchale–host of the Soup/and Community Star/ Stand up comedian… )  Chris was also he was the co-host on MTV’s “Singled Out” with smoking hot Jenny McCarthy, you may remember from the 90’s. . . .  The point is Chris is a little skinny guy who has created a personality as an actor, host and writer.  His site is  http://nerdist.com

Oh man, he has a really long about section, trying to describe himself cleverly:


Chris Hardwick was born on the starship Enterprise and is the product of two red-shirts that quickly met their demise in a transporter lovemaking mishap.  He was banished by the Federation to earth after “inappropriate conduct” on the holodeck with a computer-generated Buffy Summers.  Since then, Chris has become a professional stand-up comedian and a self proclaimed nerd.  He hosts “The Soup’s” geeky little brother show “Web Soup,” and plays with gadgets on “Attack of the Show,” both on a channel that awkward teenage boys refer to as “G4.”  Chris is also a writer for Wired Magazine and a talking cow on Nickelodeon’s “Back at the Barnyard.” He is fully aware that there are no male cows with udders in life, so please keep that question in your brain.

In his spare time, Ensign Hardwick is attempting to build an evil nerd empire under the moniker “Nerdist Industries”, which includes: a wildly popular blog at Nerdist.com, a top ten (and sometimes even number one) comedy podcast on iTunes recently named as one of the top 10 best comedy podcasts by Rolling Stone, a following of 1.3 million delightful supplicants on Twitter (befitting his selection by Time Magazine as one of the 140 most influential people on Twitter), a book, “The Nerdist Way,” to be published on November 1st by the wise publishers at The Penguin Group, and his very own social network called “The Node”, each of which makes up a different arm of a growing corporate beast that Hardwick hopes, “…will one day bring destruction and ruin to the mouth-breathing, jock masses…paving the way for a world where video games are free, Cheetos are currency and robot concubines vigorously endeavor to sate our sexual thirsts.”

Chris makes regular appearances on Chelsea Lately, The Soup, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. In 2010 he shot TV pilots for HBO, NBC and Comedy Central, recently wrapped a pilot with Funny or Die for TBS, and is producing an animated pilot, “Hard ‘n Phirm’s Musical Timehole,” for IFC. Many weekends out of the calendar year, he uses an electric amplification device to make strangers in comedy club settings like him by telling jokes, most likely due to a deep-seeded need for attention that was forged during his tormentingly unpopular junior high years. Additionally, he has played at numerous comedy/music festivals including Just for Laughs, US Comedy Arts, SF Sketchfest, SXSW, Coachella, Bumbershoot.

He currently resides in Los Angeles while enjoying salt & vinegar chips and Doctor Who marathons.

I bet he doesn’t even eat salt and vinegar chips…and Everyone knows Star Trek is only cool, because they don’t use money.  …he just glossed over that whole part.



I also like to eat vegan-ish.  Sometimes I just eat at whole foods, kroger, or marsh and eat salad from an awesome salad bar.  Oprah had Michael Pollan on her show, that was cool.  I saw an advertisement about that particular show where Oprah had 378 of her employees volunteer to go vegan for a week.  On that same show she had another -ist star, Veganist.com.

To add to my coolness, me and a bunch of architecture and graphics kids went to go see Michael Pollan give a talk on Omnivore’s Delight at Book People in Austin, Tx.

Here is a clip I am going to watch of MP give a lecture at Google Authors.

“In Defense of Food”


This weeks for grocery shopping I think I am just going to just buy vegetables and fruit.



so disappointed that this url was taken.  Last time I looked, it was some quasi-fashion line.  Someone was trying to develop it.  Really cool name though.



So I really like this name/url productionist.  The story behind it, was that I was working at the Bass Concert Hall in Austin, (one of my many shitty jobs I have had in my life),  I was working “security”  and I was chatting up one of the “producers” for John Legend (yuck). …  but I was like oh your like a “productionist”…and she was like what a good name, and so was I, but I stayed with it, and registered this url.  Ta-dah!  and according to Webster Dictionary I invented a word.  I’m sure I’m not the first person to say it, or think it, but I am pretty smart.


Greatist.com – This one is special because it actual is a word, a great word, with an alternate spelling.  Phonetically correct.


Thrillist.com – another great -ist brand, the have great travel articles, especially about Chicago.

There are a ton of -ist brands, and productionist is proud to be one of them.


4 Responses to The -ist Brand

  1. PRO1 says:

    Yeah, I know I am a god damn badass.

  2. PRO1 says:

    Thanks for commenting. Yep, I have heard of the constructivist view point, even in architecture. I think generally it means constructing one’s view point.

  3. PRO1 says:

    your thingy doesn’t apply to pianist or penis.

  4. t says:

    You only happened to come up with it in this forgetful future we live in. Productionist (..ism) sometimes synonymous with Constructivist(ism) is a concept from the 1920s in European filmmaking among other forms of art that referred to the concept that the work itself, not the end product, the working of it, is what becomes the aesthetic value. Look up Sergei Tretiakov and also Dziga Vertov’s film: Man with a Movie Camera. I’m not an expert, but, yours wasn’t the first time I had heard this word. Clever of you to have gotten the site name though.

    – t

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