Ode to Pete


I went to  a Black Keys Concert in ?2006/7? at La Zona Rosa in Austin, Tx.   There was a live painter there  named Pete Nawara, painting an image of the black keys– I talked to him about paints and pencils.  He used paint markers, and regular dollar store pencils, and red solo cups to mix water in with acrylic paint.   I’m about to buy a bunch of these markers.




I showed him some sketches from my sketchbook…..he was cool.   I had a good time at that concert!

Anyways, his style is super nice and “relevant”…. here is his website:  http://www.petenawara.com/

I like the outline style, and the hipster subject matter (bands and friends), “graffiti” remnants and the saint halo, and yeah he’s got it down pat.

Somethings just stick with you, and you remember them, like PN’s artwork. (four years later I’m writing about it.).

I think that I am going to try to paint one of these types by hand, or just say f it and get it printed on canvas.


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  1. Pete Nawara says:

    Thanks for the kind words! You ever end up giving it a go?

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