How to turn the internet into a cash machine. Yes, almost, kinda. Its a stretch, but on those good days when you are taking money from paypal to your bank account. then you have made it, its official–CASH MACHINE.

cash machine from flickr user oosp 6000794023_b9c06f2b7a

This was in the U.S. pavilion at the Biennale – a very fun work. When people are taking money out of the machine, the organ plays random music 


Start with buying your name or company if you haven’t already, or if its available. Good as any place to start on the internet.

Update I am now using Liquidweb for dedicated server hosting.

I still use godaddy for some things. its great.

 Godaddy Hosting – other people will tell you it horrible, while they don’t use it anymore, just to get the commission from  Bluehost is fast, but you pay for it, hosting and new urls, are expensive. NO PROMO codes on bluehost. I use godaddy and recommend that. If i have a problem I can always call someone.  They have a NASCAR, and a female driver, so there’s that.  But I DO recommend godaddy.  Quick enough install times, and simple process and control panel, automatically installs wordpress for you. Just don’t let your plugins get out dated or make sure you delete inactive plugins.  I recommend Godaddy.  When you purchase new urls and hosting, you can usually find a coupon online for 7.49$ urls, or 20% your whole ticket.  So that is just about the same as namecheap. Again, you pay more for bluehost than godaddy in the end.  I run several websites on one server and these get thousands of hits a day, godaddy never has been a problem for me. Seriously, from one guy to another, don’t let people talk you out of godaddy. Blue host also does not let your restore backups of your server in shared hosting for longer than a week, I think godaddy can go back to a month or a year.

STEP 2: INSTALL WORDPRESS FOR STARTERS not dot com – you’ll want to use wordpress dot org, not wordpress dot com. Usually your webhost will have an “app” to automatically install wordpress on your server and hooked up to your url.


you are pretty much just going to have to admit that the first website you’ll make is going to suck, no one but your mom and best friend will look at it. and you are not going to strike gold. BUT if you keep trying, and keep thinking of ideas, you might start to get some where.


the idea, niche, authority site, web presence for a company that actually makes offers and and makes money.


STEP 5: TRY TO SELL shopping carts.  This is an easy way to deliver PDFs to customers automatically.  Costs $5 dollars a month.  When I first started, I almost didn’t do this because I thought it was too much money, but it all works out.  ABC = always be closing, and you can’t be closing if you don’t make an offer.  Part of making offers is being able to take a payment and deliver a product.  Ejunkie integrates pretty easily with a paypal business account.

They have instant pages you can set up, to create quick landing pages for projects and easy web presence.  I have had real customers buy products off of websites that I thought looked half done, but the website was simple enough that people didn’t know my big plans and just saw a sales page and a product that solved a “problem” that they had.

You can make a product quickly and take pre-orders to get you motivated to finish the product.  This can be a PDF. A report, A study guide, A photo journal of a trip and tour guide, just think of something you can make (even if you’ve never done it before).

Something to remember is that you are selling information and convenience. Since you’ve done all the research and understood it and wrote it down, that can be worth something to people, who need new fast information.

Sales Pages:

I recommend using a book called Moonlighting on the Internet by Yanik Silver.  You can get an idea of sales pages using this book.  Also make note of any sales pages that you like and try to model them after yours.  If you start to notice how people sell, you will start to see some patterns.  Like define a problem, and list features,  call to action and sales buttons to trigger sales.  There is a formula for writing successful sales pages.


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