// Divide Surface Contextual Tabs>Divide
32 2D Mode Navigation Bar
3F Fly Mode Navigation Bar
3O Object Mode Navigation Bar
3W Walk Mode Navigation Bar
AA Adjust Analytical Model Analyze>Analytical Model Tools; Contextual Tabs>Analytical Model
AD Attach Detail Group Contextual Tabs>Edit Group
AL Align Modify>Modify
AP Add to Group Contextual Tabs>Edit Group
AR Array Modify>Modify
AT Air Terminal Systems>HVAC
BM Structural Framing: Beam Structure>Structure
BR Structural Framing: Brace Structure>Structure
BS MEP Settings:Building/Space Type Settings Manage>Settings
BS Structural Beam System; Automatic Beam System Structure>Structure; Contextual Tabs>Beam System
BX Selection Box Modify>View
CG Cancel Contextual Tabs>Edit Group
CL Column; Structural Column Architecture>Build; Structure>Structure
CM Place a Component Create>Model; Architecture>Build; Structure>Model; Systems>Model
CN Conduit Systems>Electrical
CO#CC Copy Modify>Modify
CP Cope; Apply Coping Modify>Geometry
CS Create Similar Modify>Create
CT Cable Tray Systems>Electrical
Ctrl+` Activate the first contextual tab
CV Convert to Flex Duct Systems>HVAC
CX Toggle Reveal Constraints Mode View Control Bar
DA Duct Accessory Systems>HVAC
DC Check Duct Systems Analyze>Check Systems
DE Delete Modify>Modify
DF Duct Fitting Systems>HVAC
DI Aligned Dimension Annotate>Dimension; Modify>Measure; Create>Dimension; Contextual Tabs>Dimension; Quick Access Toolbar
DL Detail Line Annotate>Detail
DM Mirror – Draw Axis Modify>Modify
DR Door Architecture>Build
DT Duct Systems>HVAC
EC Check Circuits Analyze>Check Systems
EE Electrical Equipment Systems>Electrical
EG Edit Group Contextual Tabs>Group
EH Hide in View:Hide Elements Modify>View
EL Spot Elevation; Spot Elevation Annotate>Dimension; Modify>Measure; Contextual Tabs>Dimension
EOD Override Graphics in View:Override by Element Modify>View
EOG Graphic Override by Element in View: toggle ghost surface
EOH Graphic Override by Element in View: toggle halftone
EOT Graphic Override by Element in View: toggle transparency
EP Edit Part Contextual Tabs>Options; Contextual Tabs>Edit
ER Editing Requests Collaborate>Communicate
ES MEP Settings:Electrical Settings Manage>Settings
EU Unhide Element Contextual Tabs>Reveal Hidden Elements
EW Arc Wire Systems>Electrical
EW Edit Witness Lines Contextual Tabs>Witness Lines
EX Exclude Context Menu
FD Flex Duct Systems>HVAC
FG Finish Contextual Tabs>Edit Group
Fn9 System Browser View>Windows
FP Flex Pipe Systems>Plumbing & Piping
FR Find/ Replace Annotate>Text; Create>Text; Contextual Tabs>Tools
FS MEP Settings:Fabrication Settings Manage>Settings
FT Structural Foundation: Wall Structure>Foundation
GD Graphic Display Options View Control Bar
GP Model Group:Create Group; Detail Group:Create Group Create>Model; Annotate>Detail; Modify>Create; Create>Detail; Architecture>Model; Structure>Model
GR Grid Architecture>Datum; Structure>Datum
HC Hide Category View Control Bar
HH Hide Element View Control Bar
HI Isolate Element View Control Bar
HL Hidden Line View Control Bar
HR Reset Temporary Hide/Isolate View Control Bar
HT Show Help Tooltip Contextual Tabs>Options
IC Isolate Category View Control Bar
JP Justification Points Contextual Tabs>Justification
JY yOffset Contextual Tabs>Justification
JZ zOffset Contextual Tabs>Justification
KS Keyboard Shortcuts View>Windows
LD Loads Analyze>Analytical Model
LF Lighting Fixture Systems>Electrical
LG Link Contextual Tabs>Group
LI Model Line Architecture>Model; Structure>Model
LI Model Line; Model Line; Boundary Line; Rebar Line Create>Model; Create>Detail; Create>Draw; Modify>Draw; Contextual Tabs>Draw
LL Level Create>Datum; Architecture>Datum; Structure>Datum
LO Heating and Cooling Loads Analyze>Reports & Schedules
LW Linework Modify>View
MA Match Type Properties Modify>Clipboard
MD Modify Create>Select; Insert>Select; Annotate>Select; View>Select; Manage>Select; Modify>Select; Architecture>Select; Structure>Select; Systems>Select; Analyze>Select; Massing & Site>Select; Collaborate>Select; Contextual Tabs>Select
ME Mechanical Equipment Systems>Mechanical
MM Mirror – Pick Axis Modify>Modify
MP Move to Project Context Menu
MS MEP Settings:Mechanical Settings Manage>Settings
MV Move Modify>Modify
NF Conduit Fitting Systems>Electrical
OF Offset Modify>Modify
PA Pipe Accessory Systems>Plumbing & Piping
PB MEP Fabrication Parts; Fabrication Part View>Windows; Systems>Fabrication
PC Check Pipe Systems Analyze>Check Systems
PC Snap to Point Clouds Snaps
PF Pipe Fitting Systems>Plumbing & Piping
PI Pipe Systems>Plumbing & Piping
PN Pin Modify>Modify
PP#Ctrl+1#VP Properties Create>Properties; View>Windows; Modify>Properties; Contextual Tabs>Properties
PS Panel Schedules Analyze>Reports & Schedules
PT Paint Modify>Geometry
PX Plumbing Fixture Systems>Plumbing & Piping
R3 Define a new center of rotation Context Menu
RA Reset Analytical Model Analyze>Analytical Model Tools
RA Restore All Excluded Contextual Tabs>Group; Context Menu
RB Restore Excluded Member Context Menu
RC Cope:Remove Coping Modify>Geometry
RC Repeat Last Command Context Menu
RD Render in Cloud View>Graphics; View Control Bar
RE Scale Modify>Modify
RG Remove from Group Contextual Tabs>Edit Group
RG Render Gallery View>Graphics; View Control Bar
RH Toggle Reveal Hidden Elements Mode Contextual Tabs>Reveal Hidden Elements; View Control Bar
RL#RW Reload Latest Collaborate>Synchronize
RM Room Architecture>Room & Area
RN Reinforcement Numbers Structure>Reinforcement
RO Rotate Modify>Modify
RP Reference Plane; Reference Plane Create>Datum; Create>Draw; Modify>Draw; Architecture>Work Plane; Structure>Work Plane; Systems>Work Plane; Contextual Tabs>Work Plane
RR Render View>Graphics; View Control Bar
RT Tag Room; Tag Room; Room Tag Architecture>Room & Area; Annotate>Tag
RY Ray Trace View Control Bar
SA Select All Instances: In Entire Project Context Menu
SB Floor:Floor: Structural Architecture>Build; Structure>Structure
SC Centers Snaps
SD Shaded with Edges View Control Bar
SE Endpoints Snaps
SF Split Face Modify>Geometry
SF Split Face Modify>Geometry
SI Intersections Snaps
SK Sprinkler Systems>Plumbing & Piping
SL Split Element Modify>Modify
SM Midpoints Snaps
SN Nearest Snaps
SO Snap Off Snaps
SP Perpendicular Snaps
SQ Quadrants Snaps
SR Snap to Remote Objects Snaps
SS Turn Override Off Snaps
ST Tangents Snaps
SU Additional Settings:Sun Settings Manage>Settings
SW Work Plane Grid Snaps
SX Points Snaps
SZ Close Snaps
TF Cable Tray Fitting Systems>Electrical
TG Tag by Category; Tag by Category Annotate>Tag; Quick Access Toolbar
TL Thin Lines; Thin Lines View>Graphics; Quick Access Toolbar
TR Trim/Extend to Corner Modify>Modify
TX Text Annotate>Text; Create>Text; Quick Access Toolbar
UG Ungroup Contextual Tabs>Group
UN Project Units Manage>Settings
UP Unpin Modify>Modify
VG#VV Visibility/ Graphics View>Graphics
VH Hide in View:Hide Category Modify>View
VOG Graphic Override by Category in View: toggle ghost surface
VOH Graphic Override by Category in View: toggle halftone
VOT Graphic Override by Category in View: toggle transparency
VU Unhide Category Contextual Tabs>Reveal Hidden Elements
WA Wall; Wall:Wall: Architectural Architecture>Build; Structure>Structure
WC Cascade Windows View>Windows
WF WireFrame View Control Bar
WN Window Architecture>Build
WT Tile Windows View>Windows
ZA Zoom All to Fit Navigation Bar
ZE#ZF#ZX Zoom to Fit Navigation Bar
ZO#ZV Zoom Out(2x) Navigation Bar
ZP#ZC Previous Pan/Zoom Navigation Bar
ZR#ZZ Zoom in Region Navigation Bar
ZS Zoom Sheet Size Navigation Bar

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