I bought the url for a client, who was a former architecture professor of mine, and we slowly but surely developed the website.  I set the client up with:

  • A nice website–all the links work with tags and categories for sorting blog posts and pages! He can easily add content with out a web designer or using any complicated code.
  • Large update-able Slideshow
  • Navigation bar with dropdown menus
  • Nice flash gallery graphics linking up to his Flickr account.
  • A  twitter account, http://twitter.com/onesmallproject
  • Linked up his pre-existing delicious account.
  • Daily stats, keywords, search engine terms.
  • Google analytics for tracking all content and search engine results
  • Google webmasters for sitemap.xml  indexing in search engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization, based on key words and controllable home description
  • all using wordpress.org as a blogging platform with http://www.graphpaperpress.com templates, that I customized.

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