So I have several websites, and sometimes I can get overwhelmed; too many ideas and things to blog about I don’t know where to start.  They are all good ideas, all the websites need more content, and sometimes the road to getting them up to speed seems daunting.   Many websites out there have so much potential, but people give up.  But the trick is to break it down. I like to think about impact of actions.  How can you change the world?–by doing one thing at a time.  Each little thing adds up…and pretty soon you have a real website with content (people say you need at least 100 pages of solid content).

The point of this post is to say that having a blog and taking over the internet, is not possible..BUT having a blog and creating content that you care about and about 1,000 people care about is possible.  The number 1,000 is important, its like a tipping point, if you have 1,000 people talking to their friends about your site, chances are that’s more powerful than 1,000 ads on a 1,000 websites (google adwords).

One way of doing that is concentrating on creating content, not your traffic. By doing this you create more and more potential for the word to spread about your blog, and for readers to share your posts on social networking platforms (facebook, twiter, stumbleupon).

Get 1,000 fans and you wont have to worry about monetizing. Get 1,000 fans and you will have some comments on your posts. Dont be a traffic whore, get quality traffic. Tim Ferris talks about the importance of 1,000 true, hardcore fans.


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