My friend Marcia, had some of her graphic design students create a brand for a site in wordpress using the Atahualpa 3 WordPress theme.  But that was 2 years ago, and getting the site actually live didn’t happen.  Although the students created an identity, brand, and graphics for the website.

This is where I came in, I helped Marcia, figure out where the hosting was, how to set it up, ran a localhost copy of wordpress on her laptop, got the server info.  Installed wordpress, set up some plugins, logos.  She got one of her students to help her with some CSS and inserting the background image…and within a couple weeks, the website was up, live, and now she can add content on her own–or delegate tasks to others through the convenient wordpress admin panel.

This is what the students proposed.

Proposed website...just a jpeg.

This is the end product—– I directed the web development.

Check it out:


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