Some of the original stealth aesthetic comes from military craft; such as this old ironclad warship, civil war battle ships.



Dominique Perrault Architects

Modern Swedish Ship

Modern Swedish Ship

Drone Stealth

Drone Stealth

tony smith.the keys to given

I remember seeing the architect Antone Predock talk about making buildings look like a stealth bomber, cool, blakc, fast. Still today the stealth aesthetic is very cool.


Antoine Predock, Federal Court House Proposal


The Dark Knight Bat Mobile (Tumbler)

stealth pavilion




stealth Ironworks-86th-view1



eric owen moss: the stealth in culver city, ca


Check out this great article on black buidings, that are all one color – Black!

Black Buildings: 15 Examples of Monochromatic Architecture


Not so surprsingly there are several Danish black buildings, I mean they know whats cool.  Here are a couple co-housing developments I visited in Denmark, very cool and of course Black. Because designers wear black.





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