After Spending a semester in Copenhagen, I am a huge fan of mass transit, and one thing they DO NOT HAVE is a monorail! When the opponents of mass transit appear–the first thing out of there mouth is MONORAIL. probably b/c they don’t know how the real world works, now listen The Simpsons musical rendition of MONORAIL! Definitely a Shelbyville idea!

Indianapolis recently had a bill approved to announce  a chance the public would get to raise their taxes for funding mass transit. Surely it is bout to fail, who wants to raise their taxes?  And it has a corporate tax loop hole. so all the companies that would benefit the most, wont have to pay a dime…..Ass backwards thinking.  But any who.  Not my beef anymore, I move somewhere there is already mass transit and I am enjoying the city much more.

The main point of this article is to point out that mass transit does not have to mean a mono rail, or some weird, one off, kind of thing.  It can be a streetcar, It can be a tram.  I have ridden cool trams in San Francisco, Berlin, and Copenhagen and Denver.  I did ride some monorail like elevated trains in Kuala Lumpor, Malyasia, but the system was pretty disconnected, and you couldn’t just jump to one train to a bus, like in Copenhagen.



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