The sun is the safest nuclear reactor on earth, mainly b/c its not on earth. For nuclear energy begs the questions, what do you do with toxic waste that lasts 10,000 years? It’s actually a huge design problem.  There are lots of people working on what to do with the large amount of toxic waste, maybe it can be made into diamonds, or batteries, or more fuel. ….but I just don’t think making toxic waste to make electricity its the right answer.  Unfortunately, humans have made a large amount of toxic waste, to sit in mountains (like Yucca Mountain Storage complex), but its still expensive and a very long term storage cost.

How can nuclear be profitable if you take into account this cost to future generations…its not. But someone figured out how to make money from it and they will protect their income stream (owners of Nuclear power plants). Energy is a 6 trillion dollar market. Big bucks. They will hire scientists, pay them lots of money, make it appear nuclear is a legitimate way to make energy.

productionist solar spill

They want you to just forget about the cancer making toxic waste it produces, or the fact that it has to be stored away from people for thousands of years after its made. But with modern day disasters like Fukushima, and potential disasters of existing nuclear power plants next to huge population centers, such as NYC, and existing nuclear plants located on existing faults on the west coast, they have huge potential for failure, no matter how many back up system there are.  I’m not even going to mention Chernobyl.

A lot of people do not realize that is a tiny country like Japan, there is a 10-20KM radius that can not be inhabited by humans, directly around the Fukushima plant.  A complete waste land, where no body wants to live in a country where space is a premium – how much did that cost?  What if that happens near New York City, or LA?  what are the costs we are dealing with to get cheap electricity, do they out weigh the potential of having to evacuate a huge city like NYC?, surely there is a better way, I think I have heard of wind and solar energy powering nations now.

Germany has dedicated itself to closing all Nuclear power plants by 2020:

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