I’VE SEEN (on Netflix)
Sketches of Frank Gehry
My Architect: A Son’s Journey (Louis Kahn)
Angle of Inspiration (Calatrava Sundial Bridge)
The Pruitt-Igoe Myth
How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?
Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect (subtitled)
Loos Ornamental
Vertical Expectations- The Shard
Dan Cruickshank’s Adventures in Architecture
Mike Wallance Interviews with Frank Lloyd Wright
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MoMA Videos: Current and Upcoming Exhibitions
Frank Lloyd Wright (by Ken Burns)
TED Talks: Building Wonder
Future by Design
Designing a Great Neighborhood
The Homes of Frank Lloyd Wright
The Architecture of Doom
Charlie Rose Architect interviews
Studio Gang Architects: Aqua Tower
The Art and Science of Renzo Piano – e² Design Series
Robert A.M. Stern: 15 CPW
Up to the Sky – Hearst Tower, New York
Lioness Among Lions –The Architect Zaha Hadid
Oscar Niemeyer, A Vida E Um Sopro
Unfinished Spaces (2011)
Regular or Super: Views on Mies van der Rohe (2005)
Architects Herzog and DeMeuron: Alchemy of Building
Antoni Gaudi Film
Citizen Architect:  Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of Rural Studio
Great Expectations & Kochuu
Infinite Space:  The Architecture of John Lautner
Louis Sullivan: Struggle for American Architecture
Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect
Rem: A documentary
Schindlers Häuser
First Person Singular: IM Pei
Architecture School TV Series
Antwerp Central Station
Bauhaus:  Model and Myth
Coast Modern
Journeyman Architect:  The Life and Work of Donald Wexler
Space Land and Time:  Underground Adventures with Ant Farm
Mendelsohn’s Incessant Visions
Detroit Wild City
Architect of Dreams
The Gruen Effect
Three Walls
Tall: The American Skyscraper and Louis Sullivan
Harold Washington Library Design Competition

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