There are photos of drawings created by the amazing Charles Moore, he lived and built a house in Ausitn, TX while teaching at UT in the 1980s. These are some actual drawings of his earlier work. I made an appointment to look at these drawings in the archive, most people don’t know that his actual work exists in the basement of one of the UT Architecture buildings, so this is something most people would never see or take the time to go into the basement of the Sutton Building and take photos of drawings, but I did it for you (and me).

Its fabulous work, especially all done by hand. His work is heavily post-modern, harping back to classical and everyday architecture.  Sea ranch is especially contextual and pretty much the holy grail in terms of modern venacular. You can see more about Sea Ranch, California from my visit there in my other post.

The cluster housing is a great way to recreate the American hamlet. It also has much in common with low impact development–leaving open space and clustering development.

Drawings from Several Projects including the Orinda House, and maybe some concept work for Sea Ranch.


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